Winter Wiper Blades Keep You Safer in Snowy Weather

Here in Henrico, Virginia, the temperature is dropping. It's that time of year again where you'll have to begin driving in the snow and ice on a more regular basis. That's why we here at Pearson Mazda want you to be sure that you are using winter wiper blades to help you stay safe on the road.

When it's hot outside, your wiper blades can become dry and cracked. This means that in the winter they won't be as effective at clearing away rain, sleet or salt from the roads. Salt and slush can pose very treacherous driving conditions. That's why instead of replacing your blades with the same kind you used in the summer, you should use specialized winter blades.

These special winter blades make much tighter contact with the windshield and are able to clear more from your line of sight. If you have any questions about what wiper blades are best to use in the winter months, feel free to give our experienced staff a call at Pearson Mazda in Henrico, VA today!

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