Make the Holidays Happier With Your Favorite Foods

If you're excited about spending time with loved ones this holiday season, there's a good chance you'll be going to a party or two. Great food is often a part of the season, and if you've been asked to contribute to the potluck, keep these tips in mind for safe transport.

Put all your dishes and beverage bottles in a large cooler and place the cooler in the back seat or the trunk. This keeps all the items in one place and keeps them from tipping over and creating spills in your car's interior. You can also line the cooler with a towel or small blanket for insulation and extra spill protection. If the dishes you've prepared have gravies or icings, put these sweet or savory sauces in a separate bag or bowl and add the finishing touch once you arrive at your destination. This decreases the chances that the sauce will spill in the car. Happy holidays!

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