Accident-Free Food Transportation Tips for Your Next Holiday Party

Holidays and parties mean delicious food and beverages. To be certain you are transporting your food safely and prevent any unwanted accidents, here's a few quick tips to help make sure you and your food arrive at your next party without incident.

1) For hot liquid items like soups and chilis, place them in a container and cover them with plastic wrap. Then vent the wrap a few times to let steam out and package in a sturdy box or cooler with paper or towels around the food container to hold in place during the trip with another towel on top to avoid spills.

2) Wrap frozen treats and other frozen items in plastic wrap first then foil second. Place them in a sealed cooler with just enough ice to cover.

3) For delicate items like a decorated cake it is probably best to invest in a sealed cake holder with a cover so your artwork does not become damaged.

Here at Pearson Mazda in Henrico, VA, we would like to wish you happy holidays!

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