Why Is It So Important to Have Your Car's Tires Rotated?

The purpose of a tire rotation is to help your tires to wear out evenly. This will greatly improve both their traction and their lifespan. If your car’s tires wear out unevenly on one side, they can become unsafe due to decreased traction. This can force you to purchase new tires earlier than you would have to otherwise.

A tire rotation can also improve your car’s performance because it will have to work much harder than necessary if your tires are unevenly worn. This is because it will be harder to properly grip the street’s surface. A simple rule to follow is to just have your tires rotated every other time you bring in your vehicle for its oil change appointment. You might also seek a rotation service out every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

If you're interested in learning more about this vital service, be sure to contact our service team at Pearson Mazda in Henrico, VA today. We'll gladly discuss the benefits of this service and schedule an appointment for you if you need one.

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