Important Summer Maintenance for your Mazda

Important Summer Maintenance for your Mazda

The weather is getting warmer and Summer is right around the corner. The change of the season is a great time to get your car checked out and make sure it's ready for the upcoming season and this is especially important coming into Summer. The certified service experts here at Pearson Mazda have the skills and tools to help you keep your Mazda on the road no matter what season it is for years into the future. That's why we're offering you just a few of the services we offer to help keep your vehicle in good shape and make sure it's ready to take on the Summer heat. Keep reading below for some Summer vehicle maintenance tips!

Oil Change

While regular oil changes are essential to your vehicle's health year-round, they are especially important in the Summer. This is because hot temperatures can cause your oil to thicken over time, resulting in sludge buildup. If your car's oil is old, it won't be giving your engine the proper lubrication it needs to reduce friction and maintain a normal operating temperature. Getting regular oil changes will prevent sludge build-up and breakdown of the oil, ensuring that your engine will run smoothly through the Summer months.

Air Conditioning

What is Summer without hot weather? There's no escaping the heat of Summer, but you can keep cool with your car's air conditioning. Before the hot weather sets in, we recommend having your A/C tested by a certified Mazda technician to avoid a situation where you turn on your A/C on a very hot day only to get warm air blowing out. The service professionals here at Pearson Mazda would be happy to test your vehicle's air conditioning system and make any necessary adjustments or repairs to keep you comfortable all Summer long.

Wiper Blades

The condition of wiper blades is easy to overlook. On a sunny day, you probably don't worry about any tears or cracks in your windshield wipers. But these can prevent the wipers from clearing your windshield properly, leave streaks, and stutter. This will decrease your visibility, becoming a safety concern. If you're concerned about the condition of your wipers, a service professional will be happy to help you find and install a new pair of wiper blades to give you a better view of the road no matter the weather.


Other than oil, your vehicle has other fluids that should be exchanged at specific intervals. These include the transmission fluid, differentials, coolant, and more. Coolant fluid, in particular, is very important to your car's health, especially in the Summer months. Hot weather causes your Mazda's radiator to work harder than usual to protect against overheating, corrosion, and keep the water pump lubricated. This extra strain on the radiator can cause the coolant inside of it to break down which can lead to overheating and corrosion. If you're not sure about the condition of your coolant or when it was last exchanged, one of the Pearson Mazda technicians will take a look at it upon your request and let you know if an exchange is recommended.


The battery in your car may be just a small part, but let's face it, without the battery, you're not going anywhere. It's best practice to test your battery to make sure it is putting out the optimal power to make sure the car starts every time. Here at our service center, our technicians will test your battery's output, inform you of its condition, and replace it if necessary.

Get your Mazda Ready for Summer at Pearson Mazda!

The Summer months can be tough on your vehicle. But the expert technicians here at Pearson Mazda are ready to help you make sure your car is ready to take on whatever this Summer brings. When you bring your car to Pearson Mazda, you get the confidence of knowing that only certified technicians are servicing your car with only genuine Mazda parts. If you're looking to get your Mazda ready for Summer, you can schedule your next service appointment right here on our website or, if you prefer, you can call our service center directly. We look forward to serving you!

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