How to Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

How to Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

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It's that time again when you're ready to bid your car farewell and embark on the search for your next vehicle. This means you'll be turning over a new leaf as you part ways with one car to welcome the next one. However, just because you're done driving your old car, doesn't mean it can't still work for you! One of the best ways to offset the cost of the purchase of your new car is to sell your used vehicle to a trusted dealership like Pearson Mazda! We purchase used cars of all makes and models, so we're always willing to appraise your vehicle and give you a quote for its value. No matter the age of your used car, if you take the time to take care of it, you can potentially increase its resale value. Anyone who's shopping for a used car wants it to be high-quality, and in as close to new condition as possible. Therefore, the more you take care of your car now, the better sale you can make when it's time to trade in your vehicle! Read on to learn our favorite tips to maintain your car's resale value.

Clean the Car Regularly

This is the most essential advice we can offer about maintaining your car. Cleaning your car's interior is a great way to minimize any staining, odors, or other wear and tear on its various fabrics and materials. Plus, when you get into the habit of clearing your car regularly, it will soon become a habit that you'll barely have to think about. The more often you dedicate time to cleaning your car, the quicker and easier it will be, because you won't be putting it off until the mess gets bigger. Some ways to keep your car clean are to make sure you dispose of any and all trash. You may want to keep a small trash bag in the car so that you don't get in the habit of tossing trash to the side while you drive. You can also keep some wipes or a dusting rag in your trunk, so that you can easily give your car a quick dusting whenever you have a moment. Then, you can make time to do more deep-cleaning tasks, like vacuuming the floors, or even shampooing the seats, or using a carpet cleaner if you have the appropriate upholstery!

Practice Safe Driving

Being a safe driver is important no matter what, but it has extra benefits if you plan to resell your car! The safer of a driver you are, the more likely you are to evade an accident that might damage your vehicle and lead to costly repairs, or unsightly damage. Even if you manage to avoid bigger accidents like a collision with another vehicle, there are also smaller ways to improve the quality of your driving. Whenever you're parking, be sure that you're aware of your surroundings so that you don't tap a curb either in front of or beside your car, which could cause small scratches. Keeping your speed down will help you avoid slamming on your brakes, which causes them to wear down and lose traction on the treads. Take your corners slowly and carefully, to avoid rolling up onto the curb which could scratch your bumper. All of these small details will help keep both you and your vehicle safe, while also making sure that your car stays in great condition!

Keep Your Mileage Down

Of course, you can't always choose exactly how much you have to drive. We're all at the mercy of our busy schedules, and at the end of the day, our cars are there to help us get from point A to point B! That being said, if you know you're looking to resell your car, it will serve you well if you can make an effort to keep the mileage down. The simplest way to do this is to keep your driving to the essentials like work, school, or necessary errands. For extraneous trips, make an effort to walk, bike, or use public transport when it's possible. If you're someone who travels often or takes lots of road trips, organize a way to split the driving with friends and family, or rotate who's car gets used so that no one bears the brunt of the driving. Carpooling is also an excellent way to reduce mileage if you have a group going to the same destination. You can also think of ways to consolidate your errands, so that you can complete as many stops as possible in one trip, without going home in between. The more you keep this sort of efficiency on your mind, the more natural it will become. Plus, you'll be saving money on gas in the process!

Stay on Top of Service Appointments

The best way to avoid larger and more costly repairs in the future is to make the effort to schedule routine maintenance appointments on a regular basis. Simple things like oil changes are a no-brainer, and are usually low-cost, and don't take long to complete. However, this simple task goes a long way in maintaining the health of your engine, and skipping an oil change could lead to larger problems like your engine overheating. Other go-to maintenance services include tire rotations, wheel alignments, brake pad replacements, and making sure all your fluids are topped off. It pays in the long run to spend time on all of these services, as they lay the foundation for a high-quality and well-functioning vehicle. Not only will you enjoy all the short-term benefits of maintaining your car, but it will also show in the resale value when it's time to trade it in.

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