Military Program


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Eligible Vehicles:

All NEW 2022 & 2023MYvehicles sold, delivered, and RDR'd (type "R") during the program period. Untitled 2022 & 2023MY dealer demonstrators under 6,000 miles.

Eligible Customers:

Customers eligible for the Veteran Appreciation Incentive include honorably discharged veterans/ retirees of the following United States branches: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard. This offer IS transferrable within household. There is a limit ofTWO (2) purchases per person per year for the Veteran Appreciation Incentive.

Ineligible Vehicles:

All other MY vehicles. Any P-Code units. Fleet (RDR code F), Commercial (RDR code C), Dealer Service Loaner (RDR code L), Insurance, Buyback and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Proof of Eligibility:

One copy of each of the following documents is required for redemption and must be kept in the sales jacket: 1. The contract or buyers order must be attached. 2. Documentation that clearly reflects proof of service and U.S. veteran /retiree status. Examples of documentation include: Veteran / Retiree "DD-214" Form. 3. A copy of the purchaser's current driver's license.

Program Applicability:

Veteran Appreciation incentive can be combined with other public offers including but not limited to customer cash back, MFS lease and APR incentives / offers, Mazda New Vehicle Purchase Plan (E-Plan and S-Plan). ONLY STACKABLE WITH ONE OTHER PRIVATE OFFER, including Loyalty Offer. Veteran Appreciation incentive cannot be combined with private offers including but not limited to Military Appreciation, Chase Employee Bonus Programs, Regional Lease Retention Programs, and Regional Conquest Programs. Veteran Appreciation incentive has no cash value and must be applied within the purchase or lease structure, as a capital cost reduction.

Reporting Guidelines:

All documentation MUST be submitted within 90 days of RDR date. 1. The vehicle must be RDR'd correctly when entered through eMDCS RDR process by selecting this program in the Customer Special Programs section. 2. Send a copy of all required items to Mazda Program Headquarters and keep a copy of all required documentation in the sales jacket. 3. "Mazda Cash Back Rebate Form" must be filled out and the contract or buyer's order must be attached. 4. A copy of the purchaser's current driver's license and a copy of the current registration or title or qualifying document. 5. Owner's name on the RDR must either match the name on the certificate, or in the case of transfer of the certificate, to an eligible member residing at the same address. A certificate may be transferred only once.