Mazda Prepaid Maintenance Plans Richmond VA

Mazda Prepaid Maintenance Plans Richmond VA

Get Mazda Maintenance here at Pearson Mazda

Have you been searching for a way to cut down on the costs of your Mazda maintenance? Well, you need to check out the Mazda Prepaid Service! This excellent program allows you to prepay for your Mazda's service in advance, insulating yourself from the rising cost of covered benefits. The best news is that here at Pearson Mazda, we will honor the Mazda Prepaid Service, and your maintenance will be done by one of our highly skilled technicians who will go over every inch of your vehicle to ensure it's in good working order. Below you will find all of the things that the Mazda Prepaid Maintenance Plan entails!

Prepaid Maintenance Gold

The Prepaid Maintenance Gold plan offers customers some exceptional convenience that will help your Mazda in perfect shape, whether it's new or pre-owned. In addition, gold maintenance plans range from 1-4 years, and if you're financed, the cost of the service will be conveniently included in the cost of your monthly payment. Your coverage will include the cost of oil and oil-filter changes, tire rotations, and several multi-point inspections based on your owner's manual recommendations. Then there are the personalized service reminders that are customized to your personal driving habits. When it's time to visit us here at Pearson Mazda, all you need to do is present your Mazda Prepaid Maintenance Gold card to get the services that come associated with membership.

Prepaid Maintenance Platinum

When you go with the Mazda Prepaid Platinum, it will cover almost all of the factory-recommend services that will help keep your new or pre-owned Mazda. In addition, if you own a Mazda-30 EV, you may be eligible for exclusive benefits and coverage options. The platinum version of the  Mazda Prepaid Maintenance can last from one to five years, and if you are financed, it will be included in your monthly payment. In addition, the Platinum version of the Mazda Prepaid Maintenance will cover most major and minor services, such as tire rotation, a change of oil and oil filters, and multi-point inspections based on your Mazda's owners manual. Finally, you will also be eligible for personalized reminders that are tailored to your driving habits. All you need to do for service is present your Mazda Prepaid Maintenance Platinum card when you head down to Pearson Mazda for a sate with our skilled technicians!

All Benefits you can get

The Mazda Prepaid Plan has several service benefits that we will perform here at Pearson Mazda. These services included oil and oil filter changes, air filter changes, cabin air filter changes, spark plug changes, multi-point inspections, tire rotations, roadside assistance, and a complete service history when your term is up. When you bring your vehicle in for a multi-point inspection, we will inspect and replace your fluids, and our talented team will visually inspect your air filter, system hoses, drive belts, axle boots, shock absorbers, PCV Valve,  cooling system, exhaust system, tire wear, and windshield wipers. These things are covered with the Prepaid Maintenance plans, which we honor here at Pearson Mazda! Coverage can be transferred from party to party once, and if you want to cancel your Prepaid Maintenance Plan, you can do so within the first 30 days for a full refund if no benefits have been paid. If your benefits have been paid, or you are canceling for more than 30 days, please contact our dealership for more information on how to cancel.

Get all your Mazda services done here at Pearson Mazda

If you're looking for a great and reliable place to get your Mazda services done, you can always trust our experts here at Pearson Mazda to get the job done right! Our team will go over every inch of your Mazda to ensure it's in good working condition, including everything from oil changes to a complete transmission repair! You can make your appointment in person by heading down to our dealership, or you can fill out a service appointment form right here on our website! Our team looks forward to working on your Mazda here at Pearson Mazda!

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